Update From Ecuador: San Pedro Birthday Ceremony, Kambo Frog Medicine, Vilcabamba Tour & Masculinity Crisis (Vlog)

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Hey Everyone,
Thank you so much for all the birthday love – it really made my day to have people from different parts of my life reach out to me. Muchas gracias 🙂

It’s crazy to think that I’m now 37 – back in my 20’s I thought for sure I’d be married with a family and a house.  Who would have known I’d be living out of a suitcase traveling the world.  36 was definitely a memorable year for me and some days I’d wake up feeling like I won the lottery – excited to see what this year has in store for me.


Kambo burn marks – 3-ceremonies with 4, 6 & 9-points

I celebrated by attending a night-time San Pedro ceremony on my actual bday which was also a full-moon. In this latest vlog, I talk about what realizations I came away with, footage from the 3 Kambo frog medicine sessions, tour of my cottage in Vilcabamba, the American masculinity crisis and my 6-month vision for how I want to impact society & fix this problem [hint: I’ll be leading men’s only retreats in Thailand & S.America]. Please give it a watch, thanks.

If interested in San Pedro ceremonies while in Vilcabamba, here is their contact info. Feel free to reach out to them.

Felicia http://sacredmedicinejourney.com

Steven http://sanpedroworkshops.com

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