I was interviewed by ‘The Toto Experience’ right before my South America trip here’s the 2-hour episode where we delve into the past 3-years of living abroad & go deep about life ie.

  • How I transitioned from working in finance to traveling the world
  • The digital nomad community that helped me develop location-independent businesses
  • Why a 6-figure job is not the key to happiness, it’s actually a headache

I also go into some really personal stuff ie.

  • My anxiety-depression issues & facing personal demons
  • How I’ve reclaimed my personal power after trauma

If you want to know how personal development topics ie. Emotional Intelligence & healing with plant medicines Ayahuasca & San Pedro —> have helped me find a lifestyle that mixes business with financial freedom, travel & fulfillment, then give it a listen.

PS – If you’re interested in my personal 1-on-1 bespoke coaching, where I put together an easy to follow blueprint that values independent entrepreneurship, international adventure, health & happiness, then message me for a quick 15-min strategy session where we can discuss possibilities and pursue your own dream lifestyle.

“Today’s guest is Christopher Chiu. He started his career in NYC and quickly got sucked into the stressful and unfulfilling lifestyle of finance.

His physical and mental health started to suffer dramatically.

A turning point came when his lung collapsed twice in the age of 28.

Now seeking a better life he came across the term digital nomad.

On deeper research he got sucked into a world of freedom, happiness and endless possibilities.

Without wasting much time he took a 6 week vacation and flew out to Thailand where he found fulfillment in training Muay Thai and enjoying the easy lifestyle.

After returning home he knew that he wanted a different life and as soon as he was done with his MBA he took immediate action, quit his job and got a one way ticket to Thailand.

3 years later he has become a serial entrepreneur with several businesses and also coaches clients who are stuck in similar situation and want to create the life they want.

He also tells me about his disrupted childhood and how he found healing through Ayahuasca in South America.

I really enjoyed this talk. It’s been truly inspiring and I hope you enjoy it too.”

-Torsten ‘Toto’ Kremser

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