How I Went From Wall St. Burnout to Muay Thai Fighter – A Morning Ritual For Focus, Energy & Happiness [Free PDF + Video]

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This video  (scroll down for free e-book) has been a long time in the making – after 3-years of research & experimentation, I’ve finally found a morning ritual that works and gives me focus, energy & happiness.

Footage is taken from my 3-month stay on the beautiful Island of the Gods –  Bali.

I’ll also be teaching this topic at the Coworkation Retreat to be held there Oct.10-20, 2016.

People constantly wonder why I’m in a good mood and how I wake up with a big smile on my face.

The truth is I don’t – but after going through these 7-daily habits – they leave me in a state of inner peace & with enough energy to get sh*t done.

For those that know the 80/20 rule, they’ve had the biggest ROI on my lifestyle.

In essence, they take care of both my physical & emotional health –> Happiness is just a by-product of this.

So what was the motivating factor that caused me to figure out how to bring balance to my life? This picture will explain.

Wall St. Burnout To Muay Thai Fighter 1200x644Before I was a location independent entrepreneur / digital nomad, I lived the stressful NYC-rat-race.

This involved commuting daily from Hoboken, NJ and juggling a full-time Wall St. job along with my MBA part-time – for 8-long miserable years (during the 2008 financial crisis).

The term “Work-Life Balance” wasn’t even in my vocabulary – and the consequences of this came in the form of a collapsed lung at age 28…and then again 9-months later.

After multiple surgeries to re-inflate my lung, months out of work & losing over 20 lbs due to being bed-ridden – I vowed to turn my life around.

Shortly after graduation, I quit my job and booked a 1-way ticket to Thailand (my boss thought my resignation was a joke!)

For the first year and a half – I purposely didn’t work and only had 2 goals to accomplish:

#1 – Train full-time & prepare for my first Muay Thai fight.

1st Muay Thai Fight


#2 – Learn & practice meditation with my teacher Tobi Warzinek – as well as attend a 10-day Silent Meditation (Vipassana) retreat in Chiang Mai.



During that time I also flooded my head with personal development books, listened to podcasts, watched related YouTube video’s and read numerous blog posts – all in search of knowledge to improve & optimize my life.

Through all this research & 3-years later – I was able to piece together a morning ritual that gives me a solution to a problem I initially set out to solve.

Looking back, I probably could’ve benefited from a morning routine during my Wall St. days.

Maybe I wouldn’t have been so stressed out – It’s hard to say. (As crazy as this sounds, I’m actually grateful for these painful lessons as I’ve learned so much from them).

There’s no valid reason to not give this a try which is why I’m sharing my story and this video.

The steps are easy to follow & anyone can do them.

If you’re running multiple Internet-based businesses like myself, then this routine will set you up for productivity & success.

If you’re working a corporate job trying to juggle other commitments ie. raising a family, then this morning ritual will help you create a foundation for balance & centering – before things get out of control.

Summary of  My 7-Step Morning Ritual (watch full video for details)

Step #1 – Drink Water & Shower – Our bodies are dehydrated from fasting all night.

Step #2 – Stretch Your Muscles, Ligaments & Joints – Get the blood flowing.

Step #3 – Juice With 8-10 Vegetables (download recipe below) – Proper nutrition is essential.

Step #4 – Meditation & Grounding – Just a simple breathing exercise anyone can do.

Step #5 – Read Affirmations & Mantra’s (see the exact ones I use in the PDF).

Step #6 – Gratitude Journaling – Puts me in a positive mindset.

Step #7 – Daily Goal Setting – Keeps me on task with my business.

I’m also giving away a free 20-page E-Book [PDF] Morning Ritual Guide that includes:

  • more in-depth content with extra tips
  • a printable template to create your own routine
  • my juice & breakfast recipes that keeps me lean and energized

Just fill in your email below for free instant access, thanks.

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