Client Testimonials

Chris was my first business mentor and showed me the ropes on what it took to become an entrepreneur.

More importantly, he showed me how to do it while keeping everything else in balance, like health and relationships.

Nothing but love and gratitude for this man.

Without Chris my business would not be where it's at today.

Jason CanniffCEO & Founder - Canniff + Co

Where do I start with this entrepreneurial powerhouse? Let's see... I began a close friendship with Chris around the end of 2014, as we both were picking up E-commerce, learning online marketing, and traveling across the world.

Fast forward to 2017 in Bali, Indonesia, and I decided to become a client of his for men's coaching. From my point of view, I was hitting sticking points in my business, and was self-sabotaging with underlying issues un-related to business.

What Chris did, was essentially target those deep pains and blocks, help me be aware of them, release them, and really heal and grow as a person. Of course this had an avalanche of benefits for me shortly thereafter, including massive profit growth in business, leveling up of marketing and sales skills, a healed relationship with my family members, and achieving an unblocked, clear, flow-state in life.

I am supremely confident in Chris's ability to do this for anybody he chooses to serve, and just as confident that I did not have the tools to do this work on my own. I could not recommend Chris more as a human being, friend, and a professional men's coach.

If you're struggling with any of the above issues, get involved. You'll forever change your life working with Chris.

Much love and gratitude,


Evan TeagueOnline Marketing Consultant & Sales Copywriter [Direct Response]

In today’s fast paced, high tech, modern society of short attention spans, good listeners have become a rare species!

What I enjoyed most about talking to Chris is the fact that he was present and gave me his undivided attention for the entire 90 minute session as he listened to me in a non-judgmental manner.

He is very authentic and provided a safe space for me to express myself as well as embrace my uniqueness, thanks for listening, brother!

Sunday Ng’wananoguFinancial Day Trader

Thank you for helping me become a different person in only 3-months.

I feel like I have found tons of energy,
much more clarity about what I want,
and become much more confident that things will work out in the end.

Working with you has been one of the best decisions I have made in the last couple of years.

Tijmen SmitWP Developer & Entrepreneur

In a pursuit to find a passive stream on income and fully chase my dreams to live the digital nomad lifestyle, Chris guided me with helpful resources and helpful options to get me closer to achieving my dreams.

Chris is passionate about adding value to others lives and it’s been so helpful to have his guidance.

I recommend Chris to anyone who has a desire to take massive action to living a meaningful life!

Griselda MucollariLocation Independent Freedom Entrepreneur

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