Chiang Mai Nomad Coffee Club Speech – Meditation, Morning Rituals & Ayahuasca for Healthy Entrepreneurship

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I finally finished editing the presentation I did a few weeks ago for the Chiang Mai Nomad Coffee club. Added tons of pictures and video b-roll to give it extra visual context.

It was a packed house with 60+ people – overflowing into the staircase and people sitting on the floor – definitely the biggest venue I’ve presented to so far.

It was a bit of challenge to share the lessons learned from the past 4-years of travel into a 25-minute speech.

I wasn’t too nervous this time as I’ve been getting a lot of experience with public speaking lately. However, I am a bit nervous about sharing this talk on YouTube & FB for the rest of the world to see.

Why? Because this stuff is still personal and deals with all sorts of topics that most people probably wouldn’t openly talk about themselves.

But I do it because I strongly believe in changing the public perception of plant medicines & responsible psychedelic usage – which hopefully de-criminalizes substances that benefit society as a whole.

The crowd enjoyed the stories and people came up-to me afterwards with positive feedback. Later on I was also invited to be a podcast guest (The Greg Hung Show) and to be featured on a website (nomadic gear.co)

It’s split up into 3-parts:

Part I – Meditation & Morning Rituals to maintain work-life balance for entrepreneurs

Part II – My experiences with Ayahuasca, San Pedro & Kambo to keep me mentally & emotionally healthy for running my businesses & developing intuition

Part III – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for self-awareness & business decision making / Q&A

Thank you Johnny FD for giving me the opportunity to share my story & everyone else who came out and supported me.


Scroll down for further free links & resources mentioned in the videos.

Part I – Meditation & Morning Rituals to maintain work-life balance for entrepreneurs


Part II – My experiences with Ayahuasca, San Pedro & Kambo


Part III – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for self-awareness & business decision making / Q&A

Free Resources 

Vipassana Retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand – http://www.watrampoeng.net/watrampoeng/

Tobi Warzinek – Phuket Meditation Teacher – http://phuket-meditation.com

Myers-Briggs Test – https://www.16personalities.com

Keirsey Temperament – http://www.keirsey.com

Enneagram Test – https://www.enneagraminstitute.com


Plant Medicines

Guidance & reviews for which South American retreats – http://ayaadvisors.org

Gaia Sagrada Retreat, Ecuador – http://gaiasagrada.com/

Amazon, Peru Retreat – https://pachamamatemple.org

Psychedelic Research – http://www.maps.org

Plant Medicine Journalism – http://reset.me


These podcasts helped educate and influence my decision to go down the Medicine path.

Nic Gregoriades is a martial artist and spiritual explorer from Cape Town, South Africa – http://digitalcommunion.com

Joe Rogan – http://podcasts.joerogan.net

Aubrey Marcus – Onnit CEO & Psychonaut – https://www.aubreymarcus.com


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chriswchiu/

Photo credit: Haley Kassab “Shish-Kebab” Photography

Video & Lighting: Greg Hung –  http://chicvoyageproductions.com

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