Empowering Men To Live With Confidence, Freedom & Purpose

The Mission

Modern society has forgotten about Traditional Rites of Passage & Initiations.

Strong masculine leadership & guidance from mentors are no where to be found.

As a result, men are lost & lacking purpose. Suffering from anxiety, depression & loneliness.

Our Ayahuasca Immersions in South America are an answer to what men have been waiting for.

We create an environment where a band of brothers can come together & redefine what it is to be a man in today’s ever-evolving world.

Our mission is to help men heal, discover their purpose & create a life they are proud to live.


Individual & group sessions to process & integrate the powerful lessons from medicine ceremonies.

Plant Medicine

Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Rape & Kambo allow us to go deep within ourselves.


Men’s circles & support are the last vital components of bringing everything together.

“For the 1st time I felt a sense of masculinity & confidence. Extremely powerful & transformational.

I had 2 breakthroughs - it was intense. I was screaming and felt the scream of a real man, facing his demons."

Gabriele Di Mauro

The Hero's Journey Experience

Men's only 12-day Ayahuasca retreats held in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador & Peru


Escape from a noisy & overstimulating world. Relax in breathtaking views of the Sacred Valleys.


Hike in pristine nature. Take a swim in the creek. Or just watch the stars at night.


Authentic Ayahuasca & San Pedro ceremonies help to remove any physical & mental blockages.


Find your tribe. Surround yourself with powerful men who are the same path of self-mastery & transformation.

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About Me

“The Hero’s Journey is about Healing, Adventure & Personal Transformation. I’ve been living this story for the past 6-years.”

Life gave me a direct wake-up call with a collapsed lung – twice at age 28. That’s when I decided to walk away from an 8-year Wall St. career. Despite a lucrative salary, the unbearable levels of stress & emptiness left my heart searching for something else.

Shortly after completing my MBA in 2012, I sold everything & boarded a 1-way ticket to Thailand. Since then, I’ve been traveling the world in search of a deeper purpose & meaning in life.

It’s given me a passion for Muay Thai, a deepening of my meditation practice & life-altering experiences with shamans & plant medicines. Through this I’ve also been blessed to form relationships with life-long friends, mentors & other kindred souls.

Now my mission is to initiate men into their own Hero’s Journey so they can have the life their souls are calling them to.

-Christopher Chiu

Courageous Warrior Men

Have Gone Through The Hero’s Journey Experience 

In 2018, we ran 3 successful retreats in Ecuador.

In 2019, we’ll do it again.

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